Ranch Chalet is  located in Terrell Texas. NE of Dallas.  Our Aussies are bred for soundness of mind, body and spirit. We purchased
our original breeding stock from some of the finest Standard bred Aussies we could find. Since then we have continually improved our
breeding strategy to develop a great example of the Texas Bred Aussie. Our goal is to keep the breeding of the Australian Shepherd
to a dog that will work with his human family members all day, then be the playful child's dog after the work day is done.
Puppies come with a written Health guarantee.  Health Guarantee
Puppies are inspected for alertness, intelligence and above all health.
Only Puppies that meet our breeding guide lines will be offered for sale with Breeders rights.
Puppies are up to date on their vaccinations and  wormed..
Puppies are micro-chipped.
You can move your deposit from one puppy to another available puppy. Deposits are non refundable.
Puppies are fed 'Diamonds Natural Lamb and Rice' dog food  and supplemented with all natural supplement.
We will gladly take back a dog you bought from us that you can no longer keep and re home it for you at no cost to you. We do
not refund any monies. Be sure you want a puppy before you buy.
Puppies undergo the Bio Sensor training from day 3 to day 16. This method was developed by our military and has proven to
make a puppy calmer and more intelligent.
Puppies are given the Vohard puppy aptitude test at 7 weeks to determine their personalities.
Ranch Chalet  LLc.
Texas Bred Standard Australian Shepherds
Shipping available to the
continental US, Alaska,  most Us
Territories,Canada, Mexico.
email us at  RanchChaletTexas@yahoo.com
call us at   (469)642-6417 or (214) 315-9534
Visits by Appointment only
Please never shave your Aussie. Aussies have a woolly  undercoat as well as a finer longer top coat. The undercoat serves as an insulation to keep heat out
in the summer and heat in at colder times. We  advise ONLY shaving their belly in summer so they may transfer heat from their bodies to a cool surface.

15181 Armstrong Rd
Terrell Tx 75160
We have taken the paperwork away from you.!
When you buy a puppy from us, we register it in the name you select.
We register the micro-chip
We give you a DVD from AKC ' A Guide to Dog Care and Training,
Our registration includes a certificate from AKC for 30 days puppy
See all the benefits included in your puppy price at:
Certificates of Inspection  /Licenses            
The puppies gets immunity from his mother until weaned. We supplement their diet with Nuvet Vitamins to continue their
ability to ward off illness.  Please read the following link on these supplements and continue to give them to your puppy.  We
do not sell them so you must order them via the link below.

                                           Nuvet  Puppy Immunity Program
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USDA Licenced #74-1525
Texas State License # 340
Ace owned by Steve McLaughlin