Ranch Chalet  LLc.
Texas Bred Australian Shepherds
An Australian Shepherd becomes a loved family member and nothing can be more heart wrenching, than loosing a
beloved pet due to poor breeding. For this reason we do not breed, just to breed. Genetics play a big part in our plan. We
Pet verses Breeding.  We ask for proof of Spading/Nutering if sold for Pet.  We mark the registration
papers as non breedable if bought for a pet.
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call us at (214) 315-9534
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If you find yourself in a position where you can not keep the dog we will take it back.

We have two options.  The first is we keep the dog until you can take it back(giving what you
can towards the keeping of  the dog the second is we rehome the dog placing it with a with a
loving family.

Puppies come with a life time genetics guarantee.( You must carry pet health insurance
throughout the puppies life and use NuVet vitamins for the guarantee). We will refund you
the cost of your pet if it ever comes down with a hereditary ailment.
All breeding dogs are DNA tested.
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