Ranch Chalet  LLc.
Texas Bred Standard Australian Shepherds
Baily - AKC red Merle blue eyes - 42lbs- Baily is definitely a
fisbee/agility dog.  She can vertically jump 6 feet. She is
affectionate but protective of her human.
AKC-LaRue - AKC blue eyed tri-red -
weighs about 45 lbs and is very bonded to
her care taker...me  Love this dog, she is
so graceful!. LaRue will retire end of 2019
Zana- AKC tri-black Thinks she runs the place and
wants to be right behind you.   As with all Aussies, very
smart and loyal. She weighs about 40 lbs
Zanna's Pedigree
Gemma/AKA LaRue's Pedigree
All of our breeding dogs have had the full genetic panel test done, see the test on our DNA page.
Baily's DNA
LaRue's DNA
Zana's DNA
Jett - AKC one blue eye and one eye half blue and
half brown.  Very affectionate once she gets to
know you.  Jett weighs about 40 lbs.
Jett's Pedigree
Jett's DNA
Zoey- AKC tri black with brown eyes.
She is a daughter of our Dallas Blu Eyes.
About 55 lbs. Very biddable loves affection!
Zoey will be retiring 2019
Zoey's Pedigrtee
Zoey's DNA
Betsy's Pedigree
Betsy DN1
Betsy DNA2
Betsy DNA3
Betsy DNA4
Betsy DNA5
Betsy DNA6
Betsy DNA7
Betsy Blue eye cowgirl - AKC registered about 55 lbs and has very
little copper color, almost a bi- colored.  She is very affectionate but
Summer - AKC registered tri red with one blue eye and one
marbled blue eye. Very very affectionate and intelligent girl!
She weighs about 47 lbs.
Summer's Pedigree
Summer's DNA
Tonya - AKC red Merle with Amber eyes. About 40 LBS.  
Very Very affectionate.
Tonya's Pedigree
Tonya's DNA
Dixie - AKC registered Blue Merle female about 50lbs
She loves to please.  She quickly learns new tricks and is
a calm girl!
Sheba - AKC registered blue eyed Blue Merle.  Sheba is
so genteel  it'd hard to believe she's an Aussie.  Very laid
back and super affectionate. Sheba weighs about 60 lbs
Dixie's DNA
Sheba's DNA
Dixies Pedigree
Sheba's Pedigree
Gypsy - AKC registered.  A very intelligent girl! Blue
eyed red merle.  Gypsy will start her breeding career at
the end of 2019.