About Ranch Chalet LLC
We have been breeding Aussies for over 25 years and have developed a very nice line. We are constantly working to
improve the genetics on our dogs while maintaining the intelligence and calmness traits we value so much.

Although we  expect to see some of our dogs in the show ring, but do not want to breed 'just for show' and possibly
breed out the best qualities of our beloved Aussies, which we believe to be:
  • Strong and Healthy dogs.
  •  The ability to think on their own.
  • Agility
  • Gentleness towards  people, especially children
  • Loyalty
  • Non aggressiveness accomplished with socialization and training

We have lots of area for our dogs to run and play and work. We welcome guest to come to our ranch and familiarize
yourself with this wonderful dog.
I firmly believe if you want a perfect active dog for a family pet,it's the Aussie!  If you want an aggressive guard dog,
then you should choose a different breed.
Ranch Chalet  LLc.
email us at  
call us at (214) 315-9534

15181 Armstrong Rd
Terrell Tx 75160
We have your new puppy on a nutrition supplement starting at  4 weeks.  This supplement by NuVet bridges the gap between
the puppies immunity from his mother and when all of his vaccinations take effect.  Please read the following link on these
supplements and continue to give them to your puppy.  We do not sell them so you must order them via the link below.
Nuvet  Puppy Immunity Program